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Cold Headed Bolts; Hex Head Cap Screws, Flange Bolts, Inch & Metric

Custom Cold Headed Bolts, Hex Head Cap Screws, Hex Flange Bolts, Carriage Bolts, 12-Point Flange Bolts, and Knurled Wheel Bolts are manufactured-to-print. Available from in all-materials; Including Grade 8, Grade 5, Grade 2, brass, copper, stainless steel, monel, Inconel(tm); Inch and Metric.

Cold headed bolts, custom mahufactured to print by G-Fast Distribution

Special and semi-special cold headed bolts.

G-Fast's special and semi-special cold headed bolts feature custom applied secondarys, including cross drilled thru threads, drilled heads, drilled vent and vacuum holes, broached and slabbed heads, centerless ground shoulders, special thread and shoulder lengths. We apply locking nylon patchs or encapsulated epoxy locking elements to threads as required to meet prints or specifications.

Cold headed bolts are available plain finish or plated.

RoHS compliant zinc platings, zinc & tri-valent, zinc & yellow dye, zinc & black. Other available platings include black oxide, phosphate & oil, parko lubrite & oil, phos & metric blue, cadmium, tin, silver and more, just ask!

Requested certifications and test reports are available at time of shipment.


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