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CNC & Swiss, Shaft Turnings; Multi & Single-Spindle Screw Machining

Swiss Machining, USA manufacture, quoting part tolerances to +/-.0002" machind from bar stock. Size capabilities up to 1-1/4" diameter, in-house.


G-Fast offers creative solutions to the diverse needs of our many customers. Through the cost-efficient Fasteneering® approach; Weighing small or large volume production quantities with size and material considerations empower G-Fast backing up our quotes with impeccable quality, service without limits and on-time deliveries!


Photograph below are examples of actual G-Fast Distribution parts manufactured in the USA with CNC Swiss Screw Machining, CNC Lathe Turnings, multi-spindle or single-spindle equipment. G-Fast has the flexibility to choose the best equipment for the job; Nuts, Bolts, Eyebolts, Pins, whatever the requirements, heat treatment, plating as required per print.


Examples of actual G-Fast Distribution completed order parts; CNC Swiss Screw Machining, CNC Lathe Turnings, Nuts, Bolts, Eyebolts and Pins, with heat treatment and plating as required per print.


Precision Machined-to-Print Components & Fasteners:

All-materials, including carbon, alloy and stainless steels, brass, copper, and titanium.

Multi axis(forground), and Swiss machines (rear)  in photo

Auto feed machining (forground), CNC Swiss machines (rear)

All secondary processes available:

Broaching, grinding, vibratory de-burring, polishing, thread locking applications.


Custom heat treatment, with custom finishings plating including RoHS compliant zinc, cadmium, electroless nickel plate, phosphate, passivation,


G-Fast Quotes Best Available Lead Times

KING PIN; Heat treated 4140, CNC run Kingpin with centerless grind after Zinc and Yellow plating, precision rolled M22 threads.

Requested certifications and test reports are available upon request at time of shipment.

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