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Tamper Resistant Security Screws and Fasteners

Tamper and vandal resistant pin-in-hex and 6-Lobe drive tamper proof screws and bolts manufactured with cold heading process for superior security fastener applications.


Drilled and notched spanner drives have two holes drilled or machined into head during the manufacturing process. Spanner drives should not be used where higher tightening torque values are required.


One-way slotted screws are installed with a traditional flat head screw driver and requires a special tool for removal.

Hex Pin or Pin In 6-Lobe Tamper Proof Security Drive Pan Head Machine Screws, Alloy Steel, Zinc Plate 1/4-20 x 1"  Pin in 6-Lobe tamper resistant button head security screw, alloy, zinc plate

Typical Security Screw Applications:

Appliances, Automotive, Calibration, Dormitories & Prisons, Instrumentation, Mass Transit, Railroad, Public Accommodations, Security Applications and Telecommunication Equipment

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