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Socket Head Cap Screws; Specials, Made-to-Print, Military Spec.

G-Fast special custom manufactured socket head cap screws are manufactured to military or commercial standards using the most economical methods. Precision rolled thread, secondry drilled head option available in all materials, heat treat, surface finishing, plating as required to meet print or submitted sample.

Military, Aerospace and Custom Socket Screws; Hex, 6-Lobe &Spline Drives per Print

Domestic, USA manufactured quality socket screw products meet ASTM A574, F835, F912, Mil-Spec and NAS specifications. Certifications and test reports are available for materials and processes and testing requirements, upon request or as required.

socket head cap screw options

Button Head Socket Cap Screws,Flat Head Socket Cap Screws and Socket Shoulder Screws manufactured to industry standards and customer's print from All Materials, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium.

Available Metric sizes & grades including alloy CL 12.9, 8.8, stainless Grades A2, through A4-80

Standards from Stock and our G-Fast special Made-to-Print Socket Screws are fully Certified and Traceable from the user back to the material manufacturer.

When the application requires any non-standard screw, G-Fast will custom manufacture special fasteners economically that will meet all requirements and specifications.

6-Lobe Security DriveCold Formed Button Head Cap Screw from Top of HexButton Head Shoulder Bolt with Slabbed Head

"All Standards in Stock, Specials-to-Print with industry's Best Available Lead Times."



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