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Industrial Washers, Flat Washers

Flat washers are available in many types and styles to suit industry requirements. Washer are avaialble in both inch and metric.

Short run washers or full production quantities, our flat washers will meet or exceed your expectations.

Heavy Duty Washers

Flat washers perform many functions, from seating, load distribution, insulation and the protection of surfaces. This may include functioning as a bearing surface or shim to take up endplay or for spacing. Special applications can demand very high load tolerance and perform under arduous and/or corrosive conditions.


Washers from stock or manufactured or best available lead times, certified, & traceable

Typically, flat washers are manufactured by stamping from sheet stock, de-buring and additional secondarys then transform a the washer, which is by definition, is "flat," with extra features if required, such as chamfered edges, stepped "flange" formed washers. Heat treatment and special finishes may be required for additional washer performance due to use with grade 8 hardened bolts and nuts.

Special washers manufactured per submitted print and specifications.

We adhear to the very highest level of workmanship including standard industry practices using standard manufacturing tolerances.

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