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Cold-forming technology offers dramatic cost savings.

Custom designs and unusual configurations welcome.

G-Fast specializes in producing bolts, studs and shoulder screws with unusual head to shank relationships. Machined components can be converted into cold-formed parts, often with dramatic up to 40% - 70% cost saving over screw machining as production time and material costs are dramaticly reduced.

Cold-forming is proven superior for strength, versitility, and high volume production.

Cold-forming eleminates extra machining or assembly operations and add strength to the material through the cold-forming process. G-Fast fasteners are made from the finest quality wire stock, high carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel, brass, copper or aluminum - whatever is required to meet customers' specifications.

Secondary operations available include drilling, tapping, shave, grind, thread roll, broach, bending, swedge, flatten, triming & piercing.

Save 40 to 70% over machining; Specials to Print, Best Available Lead Times. Photo includes alloy steel heat treated bolts, studs and clevis pins.

Requested certifications and test reports are available at time of shipment upon request.

Cold headed clevis pins, hex bolts, socket head cap screws. square head bolts, knurled wheel bolts, square shoulder carriage bolts, countersunk bolts, keyed plow bolts, and shoulder bolts are available cold-formed from 1/4" [M5] up to 1-1/8" [M28] diameters. Beyond cold heading's size and minimum constraints, larger diameters up to 2-7/8" and lower volume requirements can also be economically produced through the hot-forming process.


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