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Boeing, Lockheed, Rockwell, Washers & Stampings

G-Fast aerospace washers, fully certified, aviation industry approved production parts source, direct from factory, all new and fully tracable parts.

Boeing   Lockheed Rockwell McDonnell Douglas
BACW10AK BACW10EC LS881 LS8695 LD153-0002 MD153-5004 ST116 4M36 S2210366
BACW10AT BACW10EG LS884 LS9318 LD153-0004 MD153-5005 ST21D36 4M65 S2210370
BACW10AU BACW10EH LS1551 LS9661 LD153-0005 RD153-0091 ST21D37 4M116 S2210378
BACW10AW LS1588 LS9851 LD153-0013 RD153-0116 ST4M131 4M307 S2267084
BACW10BE BACW10DP LS1785 LS13013 LD153-0016 RD153-1005 ST4M146 ARB0294 S2419184
BACW10BM BACW10DS LS2805 LS13062 LD153-0017 RD153-5002 ST4M150 ARB1121 S2431218
BACW10BN BACW10G LS2816 LS14390 LD153-0027 RD153-5004 ST4M160 ARB1523 S2384428
BACW10BP BACW10P LS4446 LS15253 LD153-0029 RD153-5006 ST4M164 ARB2899 S2431221
BACW10BR BACW10Q LS5058 LS35176 LD153-0038 RD153-5009 ST4M171 ARC2601 S2931983
BACW10BX BACW10T LS5923 LS35298 LD153-0040 RD153-7001 ST4MI72 ARC3085 S2713778
BACW1OCT BACW10U LS5940 LS35307 LD251-0001 RD153-7002 ST4M199 AUB7176 S2933872
BACW10CW BACW10UC LS5984 LS35330 MD153-0016 RD155-9015 ST4M203 S00347 S4774753
BACW10DB BACW10UD LS6061 LS41531 MD153-0017 RD153-0110 ST4M213 S143908 S4922798
BACW10DF BACW10Z MD153-0019 RD153-1002 ST4M214 S1448906 S4928912
BACW10DG MD153-1002 RD153-1008 ST9M595 S1641717 S4932560
BACW10DH MD153-5001 RD153-5007 ST9M614 S2110163 S4929981
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