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G-Fast Distribution; Quality Assurance

The management and personnel of G-Fast Distribution, Inc. have been operating under the control of a quality system based on the ISO9000 series of standards.

Quality Policy

Total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and world-class service.

Documented Quality System

The Company has established a fully documented quality system that will ensure that its products and services conform to the specified requirements. Quality assurance is maintained using a quality system designed to control production, maintain traceability, certifications, test results, and inspection records. Any materials found to be non-conforming are marked as such and segregated to prevent their use or shipment to the customer. Certifications, test reports, inspection records and job samples are maintained with two-way lot traceability for a minimum of seven years.

Total satisfaction commitment

The mission of G-Fast is to produce quality fasteners, machined products and stampings manufactured to industry standards in North American which meet or exceed our customers expectations.

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