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Our Promise

We’re committed to quality

Documented Quality System

G-Fast Distribution has established, documented, implemented and maintains this management system, and takes steps to continually improve its effectiveness in accordance with ISO9001-2015



Management Commitment

The management of G -Fast Distribution recognizes the responsibilities it holds in the establishment and support of its Quality Management system. These responsibilities are demonstrated through various elements of the Quality Management System, and through the establishment and enforcement of continual improvement of these policies established and documented in our Quality Manual.

Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

G-Fast Distribution utilizes Quality Objectives, Corrective Actions, Internal Audits and other measurement tools to  demonstrate customer satisfaction, and effectiveness of Our Quality Management System. Management Review monitors the measurement tools an effectiveness of Our System.

Continual Improvement

Creating and improving our product, and customer satisfaction is team effort.  Communication with our Customers, Suppliers, and other outsourcing activities  is a tool seriously taken.   We firmly believe that through open communication and an effective Quality Management System, customer expectations can be exceeded, and continual improvements be shared by all.


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