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Other specials

We offer a wide range of products. So many, we couldn’t cover them all here. Please see some of our other special below and contact us if you needs something off the menu.

Other Special & Unusual Configuration Components

  • Unusual Machined Configuration, and Cold-Headed Special Parts.
  • Crafted from Carbon & Alloy steels, 302 303, 304, 316 Stainless Steels, Brass, Copper, plus other alloys.
  • Custom manufactured special parts and fasteners are our specialty.
  1. Small runs and production quantities optimized to meet supplied specifications and schedules.
  2. Inch & Metric Commercial Standards
  3. Military Prints and Modified Military Prints
  4. We will quote parts from a dimensioned print, sketch or sample.

“G-Fast has the depth and breadth of experience to fabricate or source your toughest special fastener requirement.”

Made in USA | Best Available Lead Times

Miscellaneous Engineered Products

  • Clamps, Clips, Detent Pins, Electronic Access, Handles, Hinges, Knobs, Latches, Panel Fasteners, Quick Release Pins, Wire Management
  • Steel, Stainless, Nylon
  1. engineered components sourcing
  2. minimum economic quantities
  3. custom engineered specials to meet our customer’s required specifications
  4. Inch and Metric Commercial Standards
  5. Military Prints
  6. other prints or sample

Our network of factory authorized distributors ensures access to proprietary fasteners and engineered brand names.”

Made in USA | Best Available Lead Times

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